Sleeping positions play an important role in the quality of sleep. Not sleeping with the right posture may result in many problems; one of the major issues people face is backache. Most backache issues can be cured by only sleeping in a good posture. So let’s discuss how to sleep without backache (นอน ยัง ไง ไม่ ให้ ปวด หลัง, which is the term in Thai). This article will discuss a few sleeping postures that will help you have a sound and comfortable sleep.

Postures To Sleep In Without Backache

· Lying On The Back

This is the most common position to sleep in. It is considered a comfortable posture as the body’s weight is evenly distributed throughout, which helps in relaxing all the muscles. Hence, better oxygen supply to each body part and the fatigue of muscles, too, will be gone when you wake up. The selection of pillows is the main concern while sleeping in this posture. Choose a pillow of comfortable height, not too high or too low. You can use another pillow to support your back or place one under your knees; this helps get a good posture to prevent backache.

· The Baby Postures

One of the most adorable sleeping postures is the baby posture in which you curl your body by bending your knee towards your stomach and face reaching it too. This is considered the best sleeping posture for pregnant women as it reduces the lower abdomen pressure on the back. Although it might be an uncomfortable position for many, it can cause pain in different body parts if it goes wrong. You should support their back with a pillow to be more comfortable.

· Lying On The Left Or Right Sides

This is another common sleeping position. Most adults tend to sleep in this position as they find it more comfortable. This posture helps maintain the natural curves of the spine hence is a good posture to sleep in if your back agrees to it. Getting a pillow to support the back is a good idea for this posture if you already have a backache. It is generally advised to sleep on your left rather than on the right as it helps in many conditions like snoring, acid reflux and hypertension.

· The Starfish Posture

This is also one of the best postures to sleep in. You put both your hands open above your head and legs kept wide apart; this helps all the muscles to relax, eventually releasing all the fatigue. This helps keep the backbone straight and proves to be helpful in various types of body pain like neck pain and backache. The only risk is having pain in your arms while sleeping in this position, but your body usually adjusts the posture, and you wake up fresh and relaxed.


Sleeping positions play a vital role in our sleep quality. One can easily have body ache due to wrong sleeping posture. Everybody has different requirements as per their body condition and flexibility. The postures explained above are well known for getting good sleep without body pain, especially backache.