In this digital era, data is the driving force of almost everything. Softwares, companies, people, businesses, and everything rely on the type and form of data they collect and process. In these fast-paced times, efficient data storage is more important than anything else.

This data storage solution is offered by IBM FlashSystem 5035 SFF, an entry-level enterprise storage array providing impressive storage capacity at an affordable price. On top of that, it comes in a compact design. The system is tailored to provide optimized performance for mixed workloads. In this article, we shall discuss this power-storage solution’s features, such as design, scalability, usage, connectivity and efficiency.

Delivering The Best Of All-Time Data Storage Solution

The IBM FlashSystem 5035 SFF is ahead of its contemporary data storage units in many terms, including the design, storage capacity, and scalability; let’s explore:

·      Design

Looking at the design, the only term you can think of is- futuristic. The design screams ‘less is more.’ A compact 2U 19-inch rack-mountable chassis, ideal to fit in limited space. It has dual-active node canisters with twenty-four 2.5-inch SFF drive slots within the enclosure.

·      Storage

The system has two 6-core processors and up to 64 GB of cache, providing 25 TB of usable capacity. Its impressive scalability supports up to 504 drives, allowing for the storage expansion of 15 PB, so it adjusts to organizations’ expanding data growth and storage requirements.

·      Performance And Connectivity

The flash system operates on fiber channel technology and has a 19 GB fiber channel ensuring efficient connectivity and fast data transfer. This seamless integration makes organizations’ data-intensive applications and workloads a cakewalk.

·      Security

In today’s times, data security is as tough of a task as easy as collecting it. As a data storage solutions firm, IBM responds well to this concern of organizations and individuals. IBM offers hardware-backed end-to-end encryption and secure data-erasing features with its latest products. It is engineered in a way to make sure the user’s data is protected and accessible.

·      Support And Service

It is a cost-effective data storage solution (you can check for the prices online as it varies over countries) with a 3-year warranty, which makes it more reliable for organizations.


IBM FlashSystem franchise presents futuristic data storage solutions, including features like fast data access, low latency and high scalability. These storage solutions are best used by organizations/ enterprises based on growth and scalability. Data access, data analysis, virtualization, and cloud computing are the drills that are the major requirements of enterprises and the main functions of the flash system lineup; what a great match, indeed!