Most of us have seen people smoking a pipe, and it always seems fascinating. Many people do it as a leisurely practice, to have a good time, while others associate it with luxury. Well, people who smoke the pipe are continuously taking part in a ritual that dates back to ancient times that began as a part of religious ceremonies. It was a part of American Indian rituals. Many priests, shamans, and medicine men believed that the smoke emanating from the tobacco was holy, providing a type of healing from evil spirits and curses. It gradually spread to other regions of the world, and people still smoke handmade pipes today.

Before we look at how to smoke a pipe for the beginner, you must note that tobacco is harmful, and prolonged regular pipe smoking carries severe health risks such as pulmonary infections, cardiovascular illness, and exposure to various forms of cancer.Smoking a pipe is also prohibited to people under the age of 18years. Below is a guide on how to smoke a pipe for a beginner.

Fill the bowl of the pipe with tobacco.

Many beginners usually struggle with this first step, but it is easy once you master it. There is usually a bowl at the end of the smoking pipe you have to fill with tobacco. You should fill it lightly and then press it lightly down with the tamper. Compress it down, then fill it up more, now packing more firmly. Then top off the bowl with some more but leave a small space between the tobacco and the bowl.

Test a draw

Test the draw by putting it in your mouth and trying to inhale. If you cant feel the air flowing freely from the tobacco, then it is too tight.  If so, reduce some of it and test the draw once more. If you are satisfied with your test of the draw, you are ready to light it up.

Use a pipe lighter or a wooden lighter to light the pipe.

Pipe lighters are for smoking pipes, which is why they are suitable. That is because they do not alter or interfere with the taste of the tobacco. Wooden lighters are also cheaper to cut your smoking costs. However, if you are using a match stick, light it, and burn for a few seconds to blow the sulfur off.

When lighting the smoking pipe, take gentle draws as you move the lighter in rounds over the tobacco bowl. You have to do that to ensure the tobacco gets evenly burnt. When the tobacco lights, you have not yet achieved an even light; it starts with a false light. Relight again in the same way, and it will now be ready for you to smoke. A health tip is not to inhale the smoke into your lungs as smoking a pipe is not the same as smoking cigarettes. Piped tobacco is usually more aromatic, and people smoke it for the flavor.

Do it slowly

Do not be hasty when smoking your pipe. When you puff a smoking pipe too fast, it results in a burning sensation on your tongue. The pipe may go off two to three times during your smoke, especially if you are having a chat with a friend, but that is okay.

The last words

When you finish smoking your pipe, allow it to cool, then clean it. Remember that tobacco is harmful to your health and should not be used by people under 18years of age.