A SIP or a systematic investment plan is a way of investing in mutual funds that gives you the way to do the job in a systematic and disciplined way. In this system of investment, you invest a fixed amount of money to a fund regularly on a particular date every month. Thus, the money that you invest grows its volume and you too don’t feel the pinch of investing at a time. It’s a great facility for investors like you who want to save their money securely regularly. There are many mutual fund schemes in the market, and you should be able to choose the best one that suits you. The minimum amount invested could be as low as 500, so it’s everybody’s cup of tea. The intervals of the SIP can be spaced out evenly per week, fortnight, month, or year. Once you’ve begun investing in this, you don’t worry about the risk inherent in the financial market because your investments are done in small chunks. 

Your fund invested at regular intervals might see some losses but the quantum of loss will be minimal and manageable. The loss at one time can be balanced by some gain the next time. In this fashion, the loss is balanced and you remain trouble-free and stand to gain in the long run. Your advantage is that your money gets compounded with minimal effort at your end. There is a double advantage you enjoy if you set your attention on systematic investment because your money gets big gains in terms of compounding and its gains also get to add to its value. Not many investment avenues give you this double bonanza. You can make sure that your returns get the earnings for themselves. These are the big benefits of investing in SIP. 

All that you have got to do is invest and wait for your investment to multiply. You should be sure of the investment horizon and your financial goals. You will gain all the more if you start investing early on during your job or business life. The earlier is better. There is another advantage that you can bring in your stride. You can instruct the fund managers to do the top-up regularly. It means that a certain amount is added at regular periods to your corpus. It’s going to give you some extraordinary financial gain. 

  • What is XIRR in SIP?

If you want to know what is XIRR in SIP, you invest in mutual funds for extraordinary returns. You may get to earn a regular income or generate a healthy corpus after some time. You should know that there is an annual growth of funds that is compounded every year. It is known as CAGR. XIRR is the extended internal rate of return. 

Here, the returns are calculated because many transactions are going on at different times. There is a concept of multiple cash flows in mutual funds. If you invest in MF, two things are happening. Your cash goes out when you invest and your cash comes in when you do the redemption. In the event of multiple cash flows, you can make a partial withdrawal, do some additional investments to the same ongoing plan, or you may want partial redemption, etc. This phenomenon is known as XIRR. 

How To Start A Systematic Investment Plan Online?

You should know the perfect timing of SIP investment and at what point of your life you should ideally begin the investment. You will also know about online SIP investment and its nitty-gritty. 

First of all, you should complete the KYC procedure. Your being KYC compliant is one of the preconditions before you are eligible for investing in MF online. You should have in your possession all the required documents. You must have a PAN card and Aadhar card. You have to have your photo and cheque book. The cheque book is needed for providing your bank details. You may visit a fund house that gives you eKYC utility. You can register yourself by visiting the portal. 

You can make the entire process a lot easier if you use your Aadhar card. You should enter the number mentioned in your Aadhar card. In case your investment limit is within 50, 000, an Aadhar card is enough but if you want to invest more, you have to submit a PAN card as well. 

There are so many benefits of being KYC compliant. If you are a KYC compliant person, you can invest in any of the fund houses and begin the SIP process. So, KYC compliance is a necessity and is convenient too. Now, you should select a fund house and then visit the same. You should see for yourself the link you’ve got to click on. There is an application form to fill in and the application form has got a space for ‘new applicant’ and ‘register now’. You have to fill in the form with all your details. 


Investing in SIP for an investment in a mutual fund is a sensible decision. It gives you enough time and convenience, and your money remains secure. Online procedure is very convenient and you can do the investment from the comforts of your home.