We all crave attention and appreciation.

Don’t you want to increase your brand awareness? Don’t you want people to idolize your work? Don’t you keep monitoring the views on your reel or a new post? 

Over 1 billion people globally make use of Instagram and Tiktok. Today, a world without social media is unimaginable. Every news, talent, opinion, the brand is welcomed and portrayed on Instagram and Tiktok. Businesses are expanding their horizon to social media too since folks spend a majority of their time there. 

There’s extensive and new content flashing on social media every single second. Posting quality content and being consistent therefore doesn’t suffice. Even if your content stands out, there’s a low chance of it being viewed and liked. It might not reach the target audience, due to which social media doesn’t serve the purpose it is supposed to serve. 

Everything about IGTOK

This is where websites like IGTOK come in! 

Igtok is a web-based tool that boosts your social media accounts on Instagram and Tiktok. A distinctive feature of Igtok is that it assures growth in followers and likes. What makes it even more preferable is that it avoids fake traffic. The followers and likes you get through Igtok are authentic and not bots or fake accounts. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a plethora of opportunities and packages due to which it is a flourishing choice amongst influencers and brands.

Igtok provides free packages too. Through these, you can get a glimpse of how Igtok functions and then decide if it works for you. There are paid packages that offer improved performance. 

For Indian viewers here is a video for you to understand IGTOK easily:


Benefits of Using Igtok 

  • Igtok is user-friendly. It is very easy to use and understand this platform. It works best when you run it on the computer. The software is customizable as per your needs. 
  • Igtok has 44644 digits which makes it the shortest version of the English language. The tool is effective in expressing thoughts and promotes awareness. 
  • Exploring other features of Igtok will make you realize how advantageous it is. The settings help you get a customized experience and it doesn’t require a separate keyboard. 
  • Igtok can also be used to install new applications, download software, connect online social networks etc. Its website guides you on how to use it efficiently.
  • Despite offering so much, Igtok isn’t exorbitant. When compared with other similar software, Igtok is cheaper and easier to install and use. 
  • Igtok helps you thrive! It increases your followers, likes, and helps people find and reach you with ease. It is used to grow and sustain your rapport. Many businesses use it to grow organically. 

Features of Igtok

When talking of Instagram the following options are offered:

  • Free IGTV like and view
  • Free story view 
  • Free profile and video view
  • Free followers and free likes.

In case of Tiktok, it offers:

  • Free views
  • Free followers 
  • Free likes 

Igtok helps people increase their social media exposure. You can be a blogger, culinary expert, performing artist, or a startup, Igtok helps you gain followers and interactions. Their strategy is organic, which maintains the authenticity of your account. 

To advertise on Instagram, Igtok is one of the best options. It has specialists who analyze your performance on Instagram and help you enhance your page. They assert to make you the celebrity that you dreamt to be. So if you want to keep pace with your competitors, Igtok is the best platform to go with. It lets you expand your reach without any complexities.

It also links you to relevant Instagram users exclusively. The platform boasts of its wide connections in every field, hence ensuring you end up connecting only with your potential interests. 

Lastly, it assists you till you achieve the desired outcome. The website offers innovative ideas to help you create relevant content that’s most ideal for your brand. They are incredibly committed to their customers and are always there to solve your queries. Igtok has over 10000 happy customers, which justify its expertise. 

How to Use Igtok?

  • Begin by accessing the official website of Igtok. (https://www.igtok.com/). Use the computer for the best experience. 
  • After opening the website, click on Instagram and enter your username. 
  • An option of “submit” pops up, after clicking on it, you’re done! 

However, this won’t boost your followers to a huge amount. Depending on the date, you’ll gain a few additional followers and likes. But for maximum results, you will have to get a paid plan. 

The platform offers a variety of packages with exclusive features like fast delivery, no password required by the user, high-quality followers, and many more. The package prices range from $3 to $100 depending on the package you choose. The number of followers and likes in each package varies according to its price range. The mode of payment can be bitcoin, Payoneer, and Western Union.

Here are 12 plans offered by the platform. You can choose the most suitable one for you. 

Instagram plans (Learn about Packages here)

A] $5- 500 followers

B] $10- 1000 followers 

C] $36- 5000 followers 

D] $64- 10,000 followers 

E] $12- 15,000 Instagram views 

F] $30- one million Instagram views

G] $7- 50 million Instagram views 

Tiktok plans

A] $5- 500 guaranteed followers

B] $40- 5000 followers 

C] $3- 500 likes 

D] $20- 5000 likes 

E] $100- 1 million views 


Igtok claims to provide features of superior quality. Various services like these exist but the major drawback is that they might bring down your reputation. You could be considered a scam if you have bots and fake accounts as your followers. 

This is where Igtok promises authentic followers. Apart from that, it is highly advantageous to reach communities sharing the same interests as you with this platform. It helps you reach people like you never did before. 

As Jay Baer quotes “Content is fire and social media is gasoline”.

Your quality content deserves the attention and popularity that it is worthy of. Today, Instagram and Tiktok are used worldwide and have tons of users. If your content is up there and you have Igtok by your side, there’s nothing that can stop you from being popular!