Comparing both these exams is very difficult, both the exams have their perks and prestige. Applying to either of these exams is very lucrative and they get a prestigious job. Although we can give you the information about these exams which will help you in deciding. Thereafter, you will be able to decide which position you suit best for. Thus, giving you the idea of which exam to apply for.

BYJU’s Exam Prep has provided you with the information with which you can make a comparative analysis. This information will include details about Job profiles. Having these details will give you a clear idea of the difference between the two posts. Furthermore, you will also gain knowledge about the exam and how to prepare for it.

Exploring the difference between the job profiles of SEBI Grade A and SSC CGL

To, completely make a comparative analysis you have to know what both the exams offer as a job. We will go over both the job profiles offered by the SEBI Grade A exam and SSC CGL.

Let us take a look at the SEBI Grade A job profile

SEBI Grade A exam recruits candidates for the post of SEBI Grade A officer. This is a very prestigious and respectable post. Hence, the recruitment exam is very competitive. A SEBI Grade A officer has a myriad of responsibilities but also enjoys a lot of benefits as well. Some of the responsibilities that a SEBI Grade A officer has

  • Approval of Stock Exchange by-laws
  • Amendment of by-laws of stock exchanges
  • Inspection of accounts of the stock exchange and various players
  • Identification and investigation of any malpractices within Securities Markets.
  • Taking steps for increasing investors’ knowledge of securities Markets
  • Suspending security Tradings of a stock exchange
  • Granting and withdrawing recognition of a stock exchange

These are the various duties and responsibilities of a SEBI Grade A officer. Thus, you can imagine how crucial and prestigious the position is.

Now, let us explore the SSC CGL job profile

The SSC CGL exam selects candidates for various Group B and Group C positions under various government departments. Thus, candidates applying for this post will experience a lot of benefits. Hence, as this is a very lucrative post you can see why the exam is so competitive. The SSC CGL exam has various posts that you can opt for. These are:

SSC CGL PostDepartmentClassification of posts
Assistant Audit OfficerIndian Audit and Accounts Department under C&AGGroup B
Assistant Accounts OfficerIndian Audit and Accounts Department under C&AGGroup B
Assistant Section OfficerCentral Secretariat Service, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Railway, Ministry of External Affairs, AFHQGroup B
AssistantOther Ministries/ Departments/ OrganizationsGroup B
Inspector of Income TaxCBDTGroup B
Inspector(Central Excise)CBICGroup B
Assistant Enforcement OfficerDirectorate of Enforcement, Department of RevenueGroup B
Sub InspectorCentral Bureau of InvestigationGroup B
InspectorCentral Bureau of NarcoticsGroup B
Junior Statistical OfficerM/o Statistics and Programme ImplementationGroup B
Statistical Investigator Grade-IIRegistrar General of IndiaGroup B
AuditorOffices under C&AG, CDGAGroup C
Accountant/Junior AccountantOther Ministry/DepartmentsGroup C
Senior Secretariat Assistant/ Upper Division ClerkCentral Government Offices/Ministries other than CSCS cadresGroup C
Tax AssistantCBDT/CBICGroup C
Upper Division ClerksGovernment DepartmentsGroup C

These are the various posts that you will be able to apply for through the SSC CGL exams. Thus, you can see that the SSC CGL has a lot more options than the SEBI Grade A.

Now that you are aware of the Job profiles of both the exams, you can take a decision on which one is better and prepare for that with BYJU’s Exam Prep.