Choosing the right water heater at home is an essential decision. It can affect your daily energy consumption and bills. Space is at a premium, and energy efficiency is highly valued. The choice boils down to 2 main types:

  • storage water heater
  • instant water heater

For you, which one is the best to have at your home?

Storage water heaters

The storage water heater singapore is the most common type of water heater. It works by continuously heating the water stored in a tank, which maintains the constant hot water supply.

Consistent supply. The consistent supply of hot water that runs on the large reservoir is ready to use, and the storage water heater delivers hot water all over the house, which makes it suitable for larger families and homes.

  • Better water pressure. As the storage tank heats water to 70 degrees, more cold water is used to mix with hot water from the storage tank. The main cold water supply holds the main water pressure of the household. You can enjoy better water pressure while in a shower.
  • Lower energy use. The storage heaters require 2.0kw/hr to heat water, once the temp reaches the desired temperature. The heating cuts off, which is an energy-saver. The tank stores hot water throughout the day for an average of 6 hours. Therefore, if the hot water is enough inside the tank, there is no need to reheat it.

Instant water heaters

Instant water heaters known as tankless water heaters only heat water when needed. When turning on the hot water tap, the cold water travels into the unit and the heating element powered by gas or electricity heats the water instantly. It means you have a continuous hot water supply, but the flow rate is limited.


There are advantages to using instant water heaters as well. Straight to the point, here are the main advantages of having an instant water heater at home:

  • Space-saver. The compact size of the water heater is ideal for apartments and smaller homes, where space is luxury.
  • Endless hot water. The water is heated. You will not run out of hot water provided that the flow rate is within the unit’s capacity.
  • Lower initial cost. Instant heaters are cheaper than the storage water heaters. The installation cost is cheaper than the storage water heaters.

By giving you the description and advantages of both types of heaters, it is up to you to decide which one to have at home.