Nowadays, when you take your morning stroll to the sidewalk, a park, or your go-to supermarket, we can come to a glimpse of a particular individual who is holding an iPhone. We came accustomed to having an iPhone is considered a norm and widely embraced by the community as the most sophisticated phone ever.

With its many applications available and its exciting features, many people are using the iPhone. However, it is also accustomed when having a new gadget that might encounter some issues along the way. It is also the same as the iPhone; some problems might be encountered when using one. Here is an example of a common iPhone problem and its solutions.

Problems in Turning On Your iPhone

It is troublesome and frustrating when having an iPhone, you are encountering some issues. iPhones usually have problems when a particular app crashes, your phone freezes, or when your iPhone won’t have a signal. It is normal to face a problem when dealing with electronics. The common issues that you might be facing are also encountered by many individuals.

It is never a pleasant experience when dealing with your phone issues, when suddenly, your iPhone won’t turn on. One of the first questions that may pop in your mind is, can it be fixed? Yes! It’s not that difficult to fix this kind of issue or problem. These are some examples of issues and problems that you may encounter shortly.

  • Suppose your screen won’t turn on because of a software error. You might need to reset it for your phone to turn up; the iPhone may be in sleeping mode.
  • You may have trouble charging your iPhone. Some issues commonly come with its charger or cables.
  • Your iPhone is experiencing a significant hardware problem.

If you plan to buy a new phone because you are facing these kinds of issues, it is sensible to try fixing your phone before buying a new phone. There are diverse options of methods to deal with this kind of issue that can probably solve the problem. This can help you invest your money somewhere more useful.

Your iPhone May Have An Empty Battery

Your iPhone may have an empty battery. This may be a clear reason your iPhone won’t turn on. You can determine whether your iPhone has an empty battery by charging it to an electric outlet for about an hour. Usually, it automatically turns on once it is charged up for minutes. 

You need to press and hold its power key for your iPhone to wake up sometimes. If you already tried all these methods and your iPhone won’t still turn on. Try this next method that may help you with your iPhone issues.

Charger Cables

If you still cannot turn on your iPhone after you charge it for an hour. There might be a problem with how you set your iPhone. Check that port for some mold up dust and clean it up, also check for the cables for some cuts or breaks or burns that may cause it not to charge. Charge your iPhone again and make sure it is plugged in properly to a working electric outlet. 

If your problems are solved, and your iPhone turned on, it is possible that you had issues with your charger cables, which are most common for iPhone users. If you are still having issues turning on your iPhone, don’t worry, these next steps may help you.

Resetting Your Phone

Suppose the last step did not help with turning on your iPhone. Try this next step; just restart your iPhone.  The power control can be found on the right edge of your device. Hold it down till your phone restarts. The next step is to wait for your iPhone to turn off. If this may be the case, your iPhone will turn on in a matter of seconds. 

But if your iPhone turns on, the phone will pop up; it’s displayed on your screen and offers it to turn off. 

Hard Reset on Your iPhone 

Performing a hard reset to your iPhone or most commonly known as a reboot, is another excellent method to attempt in this kind of situation. A reboot is a method of restarting your phone and erasing it’s storage, making you start from the beginning, just like when you bought your phone for the first time.


iPhones changed the world when it became available to our market and is one of the most sophisticated phones available. It sure is troublesome facing this kind of issue when using your iPhone. But you should not worry so much because these kinds of issues have ways and methods to fix these problems. These are quick and easy tips to get your iPhone running normally again. We hope our article helps you out in troubleshooting your iPhone issues.