Have you recently started your YouTube channel? Are looking for an answer to “how to promote my YouTube channel”? If yes, then don’t worry as there several strategic ways through which you can make your presence among your audience and gain views & subscribers. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur and looking to promote your business good/services or a popular chef who is trying his hands on a social platform for the first time but lacking subscribers which are stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Getting the first 1000 subscribers is the most difficult thing that most people consider while trying their hands on YouTube. But getting over this hurdle is absolutely possible and depends on your willingness to commit to your channel. You must consider the fact that 1 billion hours of YouTube are streamed every day. So, it is clear that small channels have a possibility to grow, but it would need special YouTube marketing strategies to get yourself visible and make people subscribe to your channel.  Let’s find out some ways through which you can easily gain subscribers and promote its YouTube channel.


If you don’t have many subscribers on your YouTube page and those who have subscribed are just getting familiar with your content, then channel trailers could help you set the pace and interact with your audience.

It is always good to keep sharing content consistently and list your content schedule somewhere on your profile so that it could be visible to your audience. It will also help people finding your channel and invest in your brand. Informing people about your posting schedules can make them coming back to your channel if you consistently follow your mentioned schedules.


If you apply an excellent SEO strategy on your website, then it will help you gain traffic and subscribers on YouTube. Optimizing your YouTube channel is significant so that more and more people can find your channel. Make sure you choose your keywords wisely. You can do so by finding out the search terms that people generally use to find results in your business-related niche. You can also use tools like Google Search Console to check the search volume and competition for your keywords. The idea is to find words that have a medium to high search volume, but low to medium competition.


When you create content for your channel, always include an interactive call to action (CTA) at the end. This encourages visitors to interact with your company and also prompts many to take action. Start by simply asking people to subscribe to your YouTube channel at the beginning or end of your video. Tell them what it means to you and inform them that their like, share, and subscription is valuable.


You can promote your YouTube videos through ads. This is a great way to get instant likes, shares, and subscribers if you choose an appropriate YouTube ad marketing strategy and focus the right keywords. Hiring YouTube marketing experts would be the best decision as they could help you reach your target audience without spending recklessly on ads.


Promoting your YouTube channel from the ground up is a great experience. You have to be consistent in sharing and interacting with your subscribers. The more time you spend with your audience, the better chance you can see your channel growing.