Those who are involved in a bicycle hit-and-run accident can sustain serious injuries. These kinds of accidents can present significant challenges in terms of getting compensation for the injuries of the bicyclist. But, they can deal with these challenges with more confidence if they have a rockford personal injury lawyer on their side.

How Hit-and-Run Bike Crashes Can Happen

This type of accident can occur when drivers ignore bike lanes, drive under the influence, drive vehicles negligently, and use their phone while driving. If you have sustained injuries in this kind of accident, you must get in touch with a skilled lawyer to help you seek justice. The best attorney is well versed in every aspect of this case and will help you secure fair compensation for the injuries and losses you suffer.

Injuries that Victims May Suffer

Victims of hit-and-run bike accidents may suffer injuries such as broken bones, facial injuries, spinal cord injuries, contusions, abrasions, and others. Sometimes, these accidents can also be deadly. While wearing a helmet can help minimize the risk of brain injury, head trauma can still occur. A hit-and-run bike accident can get anyone seriously injured or killed. Even diligent riders who wear helmets can still be hit by a car of a negligent driver.

Steps to Take After a Bike Accident

Although most bicyclists can recover damage from their car insurance, recovery can become hard because of their insurance provider and even the police.  Victims of hit and run bike accidents should take the following steps to preserve their legal rights:

  •       File a police report. Filing a report may help in capturing the negligent driver who fled the accident scene. The police have access to a lot of resources and can catch them. Also, a police report may be required by your insurance carrier.
  •       Inform your insurance provider. You must file a claim against your insurance as soon as possible. You may only have to depend on your insurance policy for recovery.
  •       Seek medical attention. No matter how you feel after the bike crash, you should see a doctor right away. Some symptoms of serious injuries may not show up right after the crash.
  •       Get witness information. While the at-fault driver may have left the crash scene, you may be able to get significant support from witnesses. Testimony from these witnesses may help prove that you did not cause the accident. In addition, ensure to gather additional evidence these witnesses may have such as photos or videos.