For every business to be successful, its products and services need to be sold. For promoting, selling, and building a buyer-seller relationship, marketing is necessary. It has been there even before the term ‘Marketing’ was coined.

Marketing is a discipline or field that involves activities relating to buying, selling, exchanging offers, and delivery to the customers, clients, and partners. It is a function that links a consumer to the company or organization through opportunities such as marketing actions and performances, improving and refining the marketing process to generate leads.

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The different division of marketing

Marketing has several divisions. The various division of marketing include:

  • Advertising

For a product to be known to all, advertising is important. Placing ads to promote a product is important to bring in businesses.

  • Involvement

A particular community is usually a target of a company before developing a product. Involving the community is profitable for the company and also helps in growth.

  • Services

Services include assisting the customer even after selling the products. It is important for building the reputation of the company.

  • Market research

The process of gathering information and analyzing it to understand the customer’s requirements. Market research is an important aspect. One can find articles at about market research

  • Planning

It is important to have a strategic approach in the field of marketing. The strategies should be scalable and repeatable.

Principles of marketing

It is important to have an excellent marketing strategy so that businesses can focus on their achievements. The four Ps are the main principle of marketing. The Ps of the marketing are:

  • Product

Product may be either a good or service for the customers.

  • Price

It is one of the crucial principles as it is a major reason why customers will buy a product.

  • Place

It refers to where the products are being available.

  • Promotion

The products and services need to be known to the target audience and for this, promotion is important.


Marketing is a booming discipline. It includes a set of activities that create, communicate, and exchange offerings. There are various divisions of marketing and each has its importance. One can also learn about marketing from . the main principles of marketing are the four Ps that holds the ground.