It doesn’t matter what type of check you use or benefit from. Whether it is a cashier’s check, an ordinary payment check or even a certified check, it must meet certain mandatory criteria to be within the standards established and recognized by all.

First of all, the word “check” should imperatively be written on the document that you are given. Then, on the check, you will have to find the mention ordering the bank to pay a certain sum, that is to say the following inscription “please pay against this check the sum of …”.

This entry must be followed by the amount to be paid written in full and clearly legible. The name of the bank to be debited, as well as the name, address and telephone number of the paying agency, the date and place of issue must also appear on the check. The date of the check is of paramount importance because it allows the validity of the check to be calculated if it is mainly a cashier’s check or a certified check.

The issuer of the check must register his name and first name, and also his address. If the beneficiary’s name does not appear there, it is then said to be a “bearer” check. It is therefore the one who presents it to the bank who will benefit from it even if it is a thief. It is therefore preferable that the name of the beneficiary appears there as well. It does not need to be specified that the check must be completed clearly and legibly. Whatever type of check you are given, be it from bank or your order checks online, be vigilant and absolutely check if all these entries are there without fail.

Benefits of checks

Using checks as a means of payment has several advantages. First and foremost, it is much easier and faster to pay by check than by cash.

Imagine the day of the races. You are in front of a supermarket checkout to pay for your purchases with a long queue behind you. If you pay in cash, you will still have to count your tickets, which will take a long time, as your purchases can be quite expensive. On the other hand, if you are paying by check, you will only have to write on the check the exact amount you are supposed to pay.

Using checks as a means of payment is also a safe way.

Let’s go back to the previous example, it’s your shopping day and you go to the supermarket with your money in cash. Along the way, unfortunately, you get robbed. At this point, be sure that you will never see your cash again. If you were smart enough to use checks instead, you could still have stopped paying your checks. By this brilliant procedure, your money will still be safe in the bank and the thief will only have a pile of unnecessary paper.

Another advantage of checks is that they are widely used. Payment by check is valid even internationally, ie for import and export.