If you are looking for hats for women by Brixton, it may help you to find the perfect one by understanding some of the season’s hottest trends.

Soft Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are one of the breakout hats for summer 2020 but you have to choose the right material. Soft fabrics were popular on the runway and this turned this dad wear into something more modern. Some popular material choices include floral tweed, eyelet fabric, and even crochet is making a comeback.

Old School Brimmed Hats

Bowlers, Panama, and other hats in between are giving a lot of options for summer 2020. These vintage inspired men’s wear hats are making the most of unisex headwear.

Straw Hats

Straw continues to make it big in accessories so it’s natural that straw hats are a big trend for the summer. Straw hats can come in all sorts of colors and can also be woven tighter and more opaque.

Fisherman’s Hats

Fisherman’s hats are protective and cover the face and neck against both sun and rain so if you live in a place with crazy weather, this could be one of the more useful trends for 2020. There are moderately sized options made in all fabric colors. Some even come with side buttons that make it easy to fold up.

Cloche Hats

For those who love fashion trends from the past, these 20s and 30s vintage inspired hats are going to be the right choice for you. Cloche hats are playful and fun and this season they are coming with lots of embellishments and some extra tall designs. While there are some different options, white was the color of choice for many different ones and some even came in straw to combine two trends in one.

Newsboys and Berets

Newsboy hats and berets are back as one of the men’s headwear inspired trends of the season. Newsboys are casual but not as casual as regular baseball caps, which make them a perfect accessory if you have a wardrobe in between.

Navy and Army Caps

This is a surprising addition to the summer trends because there weren’t a lot of Army-themed fashion looks on the runways. Many of the caps are matched to jackets to look like real uniforms but you can also wear one of these styles on their own.

In addition to the many different hat trends, one thing that was common on many different styles of headwear was feather garnishes. Feather garnishes were seen on the runways in many different fashion choices, so it makes sense that feathers made their way onto the hats.

No matter which hats for women by Brixton you choose, hats provide a great way to dress up any outfit and provide some protection from the elements.