Testosterone boosters are drugs and supplements that are intended to raise testosterone levels in the body. While low testosterone can cause a variety of symptoms, raising this hormone has hazards. Some of the best Testosterone boosters are mentioned below 

  • Testosterone transdermal

Transdermal testosterone products include medicated patches (Androderm) and gels (AndroGel) that are applied to the skin. Androderm patches are available in four distinct testosterone strengths: 2 mg, 2.5 mg, 4 mg, and 5 mg. One 4 mg patch per 24 hours is the recommended beginning dosage. This should be applied to clean, dry skin on the back, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms. Testosterone gel is available in concentrations of 1% and 1.625%. When first commencing the 1% formulation, a person should take 50 mg once a day in the morning. The dose varies according to their hormone levels.

  • Testosterone pills for oral administration

JatenzoTrusted Source is an oral testosterone pill that has recently been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hypogonadism caused by underlying medical problems. Because of the elevated risk of cardiovascular events, the FDA does not recommend Jatenzo for treating age-related low testosterone. Jatenzo comes in three different strengths: 158 mg, 198 mg, and 237 mg. The makers recommend starting with 237 mg twice a day for one week. In clinical studies, 87 percent of patients reached normal testosterone levels after therapy.

Factors Influencing Testosterone

Testosterone levels can be influenced by a variety of things. With aging, the body naturally generates less of the hormone. In one 2016 investigation, researchers measured the levels of testosterone and DHEA in 271 healthy guys aged 40 to 70. The researchers discovered that testosterone levels declined by 1.28 percent and DHEA levels decreased by 3.52 percent every year.

Low testosterone levels can be caused by the following factors:

  • pituitary gland dysfunction
  • hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes type 2
  • being overweight or obese
  • Other genetic illnesses, such as Klinefelter syndrome
  • unexplained testicles
  • some drugs, such as opioid analgesics or chemotherapy


People with low testosterone levels may benefit from the best Testosterone supplement in the following ways:

  • improve sex drive
  • enhance sexual function
  • improve physical endurance and muscular strength
  • denser, more powerful bones

Are Testosterone boosters Beneficial?

  • It might be tough to test testosterone supplements since there are so many other things that can impact your testosterone levels at any given moment. This covers the body’s natural levels, exercise, and current libido levels. Many testosterone supplements on the market just raise your libido. Many men notice this when they have intercourse because they have enhanced stamina and sex desire, causing them to feel their testosterone levels have increased. Some guys may get irritated as a result of the boosters.
  • Many studies demonstrate that pills that increase libido have little effect on testosterone levels, implying that the boosters may not aid with muscle building. If you do decide to utilize Testosterone boosters, search for ones that have a combination of components such as herbs, aphrodisiacs, libido enhancers, and other natural Testosterone boosters such as magnesium, zinc, fenugreek, and aspartic acid.
  • When paired with a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise, Testosterone boosters can assist to raise testosterone levels and provide additional advantages. Some Testosterone boosters can enhance testosterone levels by 20-50 percent, depending on the components and your lifestyle.


The following adverse effects may occur as a result of TRT:

  • Acne
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • Retention of fluid
  • low blood sugar levels
  • Enlargement of the prostate and breast
  • reduced sperm count
  • increased red blood cell count