As young investors navigate the plethora of options available, Spare8 stands out as the go-to platform, offering a seamless and rewarding experience. Let’s dive into the world of gold leasing and explore why Spare8 is hailed as the best platform to buy digital gold in India.

Gold Leasing: Unravelling the Potential Returns

Digital gold has emerged as a star performer, outclassing other asset classes. Spare8 takes this a step further by introducing gold leasing, a unique investment avenue. When you purchase gold on Spare8, it is leased to bank-verified jewellers, providing you with returns that include 11% average market returns and an additional 5% fixed return from Spare8. This innovative approach positions Spare8 as a leader in maximising the potential returns on your investments.

Investing Made Effortless: Spare8’s Unique Approach

Spare8 introduces groundbreaking concepts that turn your spare change into an investment opportunity. Through its roundup feature for Android users, every transaction, regardless of the digital payment mode, is rounded up to the nearest Rs 10. This spare change is then effortlessly invested in digital gold. For iOS and Android users, daily savings can be set up with a minimum investment of Rs 10. Spare8 ensures that investing is not a cumbersome task, allowing users to invest as little or as much as they desire.

No Lock-In Period: Your Investments, Your Rules

Spare8 understands the value of flexibility in the world of investments, which is what makes it the best platform to buy digital gold in India. Unlike traditional investment avenues, Spare8 offers a no lock-in period feature, liberating investors from the constraints of rigid deadlines and maturities. Whether you want to redeem your investment in digital gold sooner or later, Spare8 empowers you with the freedom to make choices that align with your financial goals.

Safety First: The Augmont Vault Assurance

While Spare8 operates in the digital realm, the safety of your investments is of paramount importance. Spare8 has partnered with Augmont, ensuring that the actual gold is stored in Augmont vaults of equivalent value. These vaults undergo frequent verification by independent sources, guaranteeing the security of your investments. Moreover, Spare8’s robust 256-bit encryption, equivalent to the security measures employed by banks, provides an additional layer of protection against potential fraud.

Spare8’s Features: More Than Just Investments

Spare8 goes beyond traditional investment platforms by introducing engaging features like the Refer and Earn! scheme and a slot machine gaming feature. Referring friends not only brings you closer to your financial goals but also earns you and your friends free gold worth up to ₹500. The slot machine gaming feature adds an element of fun, where an auto-investment of Rs 10 can lead to rewards worth up to Rs 100. 

Conclusion: Spare8 – Your Partner in Financial Growth

In conclusion, Spare8 emerges as the best platform to buy digital gold in India, combining innovation, flexibility, and safety in one comprehensive package. 

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