Pests are typically a nuisance, but they can be quite destructive. Certain pests may affect your health or destroy your home and property. They typically live in homes without much source of food. The most commonly reported pest control Alamo Heights problems are mosquitoes, roaches, and bedbugs.

Some signs that you have a pest infestation at home include droppings on surfaces, ants congregating near the kitchen counter whenever there is a bit of food left out on the counter, and fleas jumping from person to person when they itch. 

The most common pest control problems in Alamo Heights are as follows:

  • Bed bug control

Bed bugs are tiny wingless insects that eat on humans. They are closely related to the mosquitoes, but they can only be found in your bed. Bed bugs usually infect a single person and can carry disease, although they are not known to be carriers. Bed bugs can survive more than two months with no food because of their fat bodies and remarkable ability to survive in low temperatures. Bed bugs do not need blood to live; they feed on their host’s skin and other body fluids.

  • Termite control

Termites are tiny insects that usually feed on wood, and they are found most commonly in wood furniture. They live underground and build tunnels that lead to their food sources. Often, people believe they have ants in their homes when they actually have termites. This is because the colonies of ants and termites look similar.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are most common in summer, as they lay their eggs in water which is found inside and around homes. You may often see mosquitoes in your bathroom or kitchen because these are the two places where you keep standing water. They also lay their eggs near stagnant pools of water created by the sprinklers or a hose that is left unattended.

  • Fire ants

These are very aggressive ants that can bite. They can infest the inside of your home as well as your yard. Fire ants create mounds and build colonies underground, and they require food and water to survive. They are omnivorous and feed on small creatures like crickets as well as plants.

  • Scorpions

Scorpions have an exoskeleton and eight legs. They are venomous and closely related to spiders. Although they are arachnids, scorpions cannot spin webs. They feed mostly on insects, although they are known to feed on other scorpions as well as a variety of other animals including mice, lizards, and frogs.