Lombok’s shopping defies the mass-produced stream of merchandise. Many people have started to connect with modern consumer culture. Pottery, basket weaving, and fabrics are the three main crafts generated in Lombok. This really is a place where people should take advantage of locally handmade, higher quality, and distinctive products. Highly skilled craftsmen create jaw-droppingly skillful furniture, clothing, and jewelry. The kind of stuff you won’t find too frequently on anybody else’s mantelpiece or in return home. Painstaking work enters the production of these products, together with minimum compromise on the product’s amount. Eye-watering cost tags are few and far between, so basically, you’ll spend less to acquire more. As when in just about any foreign port of call, a fantastic method to get to grips with the society around, you’ll be to venture down to a neighborhood market. The island is peppered with stores selling various clothes, crafts, furniture, and jewelry.

Fabrics and Textiles

The Sukara traditional weaving village will be the middle of Lombok’s fabric market. The design of weaving is called Ikat, meaning to tie or bind. It uses a resist dyeing’ process quite similar to tie-dye. It features symbols that refer to riches, prestige, and strength. Pringgasela (East Lombok) is another village where weaving production can be observed and produce bought. Ikat is generally done by men, although Songket is done by girls, and is much more complicated and handed down from generation to generation.

Consequently, it’s more pricey but worth every penny. Sukara Conventional Weaving Village is Enjoyable and intriguing. A local guide will demonstrate the whole process, from creating the cotton, turning the ribbon, brewing the natural dyes, and weaving around the looms. You may then determine if you’d like to purchase something.


The Indonesians are renowned for generating innovation, higher quality aesthetics, especially in the event of furniture. They like using materials like walnut, cherry, teak, and bamboo, much of the stuff made that is exported and in much need by westerners. While in Lombok, you may, too, find the goods firsthand and at a lower price. The juxtaposition of visual simplicity and intense ability make these ethnic pieces hugely harmonious when placed in an interior circumstance, amongst other pieces of furniture.


Lombok is a heart for jewelry production. The beauty of pearls is that you don’t need to search for them; they wander to you. Beach vendors carry trays of pearls in various sizes and shapes along with the staircase’s virgin areas. Lombok is well known for making the freshwater pearl. If you prefer to get a receipt with your purchase, then you will discover about 15 pearl companies here, mostly dealing in wholesale. Coral pieces can be purchased on the coast or at one of those few jewelry stores around the staircase. Suppose you would prefer a personal reminder of this moment in Lombok. In that case, subsequently, a tiny accessory may be precisely the way to do it. M & L Pearl Shop Pearljewelry present Address: Jl. Raya Senggigi Lombok (adjacent to Jayakarta Hotel).

Pottery and Figurines it isn’t uncommon for potters from the west to phone their shops or Producers, Lombok. The pottery made in this region of the world is highly known for its complex markers and creativity. The practice of producing those pieces is a very long one, 1 in which hours and hours are applied to creating those handmade crafts. Penujak, Banyumulek, and Masbagik are the Creative Procedure. It can be accounted for due to its flexibility and capacity to fuse with materials such As teak, bamboo, and various other house-friendly textures. Lombok Pottery Banyumulek. Here, potters create an incredible selection of earthenware used for many purposes, including instruments for preparing and serving food and House ornaments.

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