Quality of sleep has reduced and poor sleep is associated with heart disease, diabetes type 2, depression, and obesity. Usage of electronics and artificial lighting at night could lead to problems with sleep. These devices emit a blue wavelength of light, which can trick the brain to believe it is daytime. Many studies show that at night blue light disrupts the normal cycles of the sleep-wake of their brain that are necessary for optimal health.

Blue light disturbs people sleep

The body has an internal clock that controls its circadian rhythm; the biological cycle of 24 hours affects many internal functions. Especially when it is prepared for awake or asleep, it decides. However, their circadian rhythm includes signals from the outside, primarily from daylight and darkness. Blue wavelength light activates eye receptors to transmit signals to the internal clock of their brain. Notice that sunlight and white light comprise a combination of different wavelengths and each one is markedly blue. To find more details here.

Blue light, especially from the sun, helps people remain alert while improving performance and mood throughout the day. Depressions may be handled by blue light therapy systems, with blue light bulbs showing decreased tiredness and boost office workers’ mood, efficiency and sleep. However, modern light bulbs and electronic equipment, especially computer monitors, often generate large quantities of blue light and could interrupt their internal clock when people are exposed to it at night. Blue light is extremely powerful, whether from the sun or a laptop, to inhibit the development of melatonin, reducing sleep both in size and in quality.

Blue light is present at the high end of the visual spectrum and is typically seen by people when looking at a computer screen, phone or light. Strong and longer-term exposure to blue light results in strain, fatigue, headache and insomnia. That has caused insomnia, migraines and vision problems for computer and phone use.

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