Flights can often seem to be boring and tiring if you don’t plan well. Thus, it is essential to prepare a checklist to ensure your flying experience is fun and comfortable. Keep reading for a few tips on how to elevate your flying experience!

Thirty thousand feet above the sky with nothing to distract can be a boon for some travellers looking to get some personal time. However, for some, it can become a tiring and boring affair. There are many ways to turn your boring flight into a well-utilised time. Here are some key tips. 

Check-in Early & Enjoy the Airport Lounge

Early check-in has many benefits, such as less traffic at the airport and a chance to bag better seats in case you haven’t already done a web check-in. Not only you don’t have to worry about missing your flight, but you can enjoy the luxury of the airport lounge as well. It is the perfect space to relax before your flight while enjoying the complimentary meals and beverages.  While you can pay for these lounges, there are many ways to use the airport lounge for free. For instance, if you hold a credit card, that comes with the privilege. Alternatively, if you are a part of a frequent flyer program, the chances are that you can get easy access by just mentioning your membership number.  

Carry Your Comfort-Kit

Flying is all about comfort. People often can’t enjoy their trip to the fullest if they had an uncomfortable flying experience. So here are a few things that you must put in your flight comfort-kit to enjoy your flight.

  • A well-tested neck-pillow to avoid cramps
  • Headsets are a must
  • A mobile phone, laptop, or tab, with your favourite movies or shows uploaded
  • Carry a light blanket just in case
  • Portable water-bottle for rehydration
  • Carry your eye mask if you plan to rest, especially on long-haul flights

Lastly, don’t forget to create your perfect flight playlist for uninterrupted music!  

Plan Your Meal 

If you are flying in a full-service carrier flight, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry. You can ask for snacks and enjoy their multiple hot meal services. But if your ticket does not include food, you should prepare your meal plan before boarding the plane. People seldom sing songs about plane food, and the food and snacks at the terminal can be of better quality. Low-cost carrier flights require you to pre-order your meal while booking your tickets or pay in-flight if you want to order anything. So it is smart to carry your less-odour snacks to enjoy rather than flying hungry.

Use Your Miles to Upgrade Your Flight

Being a part of a travel loyalty program wins you many benefits. You can use your earned miles to improve your flight experience. From getting extra baggage allowance to booking your preferred seat, miles can help you have a comfortable journey. You can also upgrade your flight and enjoy in-flight culinary services by redeeming your miles. Not to forget, while enjoying all the extra benefits, you are also earning miles by flying to your destination.

Utilise Your In-flight Time

Make your journey fruitful by utilising the in-flight time. Flights can be your time to relax and enjoy the ride in peace. With no distraction from your mobile phone and other gadgets, you can even use the time to plan the upcoming weekend. Keep in mind that flights can be a lengthy affair, and even short-haul flights such as time taken by flight from Chennai to Mumbai, or Mumbai to Bangalore can seem unending if you don’t have anything to do. So if you are work-savvy, you can complete your assignments or even prepare for a presentation. 

Following the tips mentioned above, you can make your draggy flight- comfortable and fun. There are many more tips such as dressing in comfy clothes while flying, taking a walk on the terminal if you are on a connecting flight, or putting on the right shoes. Bottom line, a little extra work can alter your flying experience completely.