If you are pregnant and about to give birth to a new life, getting a private ultrasound scan London is very important. It takes place in the early days of pregnancy so that the parent can be confirmed about the heartbeatof the fetus and a uterine pregnancy. In the later stages, ultrasound is used to understand the fetus’s growth so that the delivery date can be determined and also check the baby’s health, the position of the placenta, and the umbilical cord. It is also helpful in measuring the length of the mother’s cervix so that it can be determined whether the mother might suffer from preterm labor or not.

Why is it important to choose the perfect hospital/clinic?

It is important for the mother to go through ultrasounds in hospitals which has a good review by all the mothers. Your and your baby’s health and safety should be the first priority which makes it important for you to choose a hospital or a clinic that understands your needs and requirements so that you are able to deliver a healthy baby. If you are confused about which hospital to choose, you can also go for Harley street clinic gynaecology, they meet your requirements and gives you proper updates.

The to-be-mother needs to go through at least two private ultrasound scansin London, the first one takes place in the first trimester and the second one in the second trimester. She might go through more than two if it’s a high-risk pregnancy.

First ultrasound

The first ultrasound that takes place in the first trimester of the pregnancy is prenatal care that the mother has to go through on the first six to nine weeks.  Private ultrasound scan Londonis used for:

  • Confirm the due date when the baby will be delivered.
  • Understand the heartbeat of the fetus.
  • Get the necessary detail about the number of fetuses.

Most practitioners wait until the sixth week to perform an ultrasound, as the heartbeat of the baby can only be detected in the fifth and sixth weeks.

Second ultrasound

In the 18th or 22nd week, the mother goes through a comprehensive autonomy scan. This is the second trimester that the mother goes through and is also known as second-level ultrasound. The specialists usually perform the ultrasound in harley street clinic gynaecologywith an advanced level of technology. The mother is able to see the baby’s development and health. These ultrasounds are done in 2D, 3D or 4D to give more details to the parent and the doctor who is going to conduct the operation.