The D cell solvent trap is a high-grade solvent trap kit designed to catch solvent and other nasty materials dripping out of your firearm’s barrel during the cleaning process. Many D Cell Solvent Trap Kits are offered on the market, but one of the most popular is the 9″ D Cell K Cup Kit offered by Armory Den. With a lip at the bottom of each stackable K-shaped storage cup, you can rest assured that the compartments between each cup remain safe and dry.

All D cell solvent traps from Armory Den, including those that will be available only months after the publishing of this article,  are compatible with the solvent trap K cups. As mentioned above, one popular D cell solvent trap model is the 9” 7075 Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Tube D Cell Solvent Kit. It comes with 8 Stainless Steel K Cups with (1/2×28”+5/8×24”) thread mount sizes.

This solvent trap kit has an inner diameter of 1.375” and an outer diameter of 1.73”. It’s one very efficient and cost-effective solvent trap that doesn’t break the bank. With an overall weight balance that’s perfect for cleaning most rifles, this D cell solvent trap is a perfect solution for your routine firearm cleaning needs: Especially if you are looking for a size that meets in the middle and a perfect fit that’s not too long, too short, too wide, or too narrow, you may want to consider opting for this one.

Step Guides to Using the D Cell Solvent Trap

1. Check your product:

If you are getting your D cell solvent trap for the first time, check to see that it comes with all the necessary cleaning components. It should include a round tube with a groove design, a sealed end cap, eight stainless steel K-shaped storage cups, and end caps.

2. Assemble the D cell solvent trap:

If the product is not yet assembled, then you have to do it. Lock one side of the round tube with the thread mount size that fits the firearm’s barrel you aim to clean. Now slide the solvent trap K cups in the round tube and lock the other end with the sealed end cap.

3. Attach the D cell solvent trap to the firearm:

Like most solvent traps, the D cell solvent trap kit mentioned above is a direct thread only kit, but Armory Den will be launching a D Cell line soon that has a 1.375-24 TPI for the industry-standard capability to multiple muzzle devices. This design of the 9″ D Cell K Cup Kit aims to meet the user’s personal preferences and level of cleaning convenience, built of very strong and anticorrosive metals. Simply attach the solvent trap to the end of your firearm’s barrel by threading it onto the barrel with the correct thread mount.

4. Clean the firearm

With the D cell solvent trap locked on the firearm, you can be sure that regardless of the mess made from the cleaning process, everything stays contained in the D cell solvent trap tube. Apply the solvent into your barrel. Push your bore cleaning brush, snake, or other preferred tools in and spin it around, so it doesn’t miss a spot.

You can also push patches through the barrel and into the solvent trap, and regardless of what goes in, it remains stuck in the solvent trap. Now detach your solvent trap and repeat the process if you must, until your firearm is clean. You can repeat this cleaning process as many times as you want without making any mess.