It’s hard enough losing someone you care about because of natural causes, but when someone else’s negligence leads to their death, the pain can be unbearable.

Luckily if this happens, there are legal options that you can take.

A wrongful death lawyer can help you bring the culpable party to court. Depending on their actions, you may get financial compensation. In other cases, guilty parties can get sent to jail.

But what are some different types of wrongful death cases?

Keep reading to learn when you’ll want to hire a wrongful death attorney.

Someone Died Under the Care of a Medical Professional

Recent studies have shown that around 250,000 Americans die each year on account of medical malpractice. Other studies estimate this number to be even higher, around 450,000.

Regardless of the exact figure, one death is too many, which is why you should always pursue legal action if someone you know dies on account of the negligence of a medical professional.

Medical negligence can be difficult to prove, but the right attorney can help you make a case. Check out this site to learn how to choose the perfect lawyer.

There Was a Workplace Accident

Workplaces accidents are another unfortunately common cause of wrongful deaths. Oftentimes, these accidents happen on account of employer negligence.

Some job fields like construction and law enforcement are more dangerous by definition, but if you’re certain that there was negligence, it’s worth taking the matter to court.

Common examples of negligence include the use of faulty machines, ignoring safety regulations, and not providing employees with safety equipment.

There Was a Car Accident

If someone you loved died in a car accident, it’s possible that the accident occurred on account of negligence. Understand that the negligent party isn’t always a driver.

Negligence from car manufacturers, businesses that own parking lots, and even the highway department can lead to car accidents. If you suspect that a driver or one of these entities led to the death of a loved one, you might have grounds to file a wrongful death case.

Someone Died Because of Homicide

You might be surprised to learn that the law views a homicide as a form of wrongful death. This is because “duty of care” extends to all members of society.

People have a clear and obvious duty not to injure or kill others.

If someone you know died through homicide, make a point to press charges. It doesn’t matter whether the court found them innocent or guilty for their crimes—you may still be able to bring new charges against them.

Understand When to Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer

While these aren’t all of the times you’ll want to consider hiring a wrongful death lawyer, they are some of the most common. Additional instances can happen on account of the government, landlords, and even schools.

Make sure that you understand when to hire a wrongful death attorney in case of emergency.

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