The world is going through a major crisis with the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has resulted in several nations going into lockdown as a means to prevent the contraction of the virus. With the governments of most nations announcing lockdown for the prevention and spread of the deadly virus, people are bound to change their routine. It implies that you may have to give up going for morning or evening walk, going to the gym, and attending a social gathering to upkeep your health. However, it does not imply that you should not adapt to eat, sleep, and watch TV, repeat schedule.

The lockdown does not permit you to come out of your homes, but it does permit you to upkeep a healthy lifestyle within your home. Rather, with you unable to follow your routine, it would be in your interest to look for different ways to stay healthy during the lockdown. Your health should be your utmost priority. It may not be easy for your body to manage your unhealthy habits or changing lifestyle. Your inability to keep yourself active would take a significant toll on your mind and body. You would require a strong metabolism and immunity to sustain the pandemic attack. You should look for suitable and natural ways to enhance your immunity to combat the wrath of the pandemic.

Vitamin D rich foods

Considered as an effective nutrient, Vitamin D helps you deal with the present viruses in the environment. It would help you fight against the infections along with shielding you from contracting infections. With daylight been the best source of Vitamin D until date, you may not be allowed to step out during lockdown. You could add salmon, eggs, fish, mushrooms, and cheddar to your diet to boost your metabolism and immunity.

Fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods such as spinach, yogurt, green tea, almonds, citrus foods, and sunflower seeds would help provide the body with essential nutrients to strengthen your immunity. Fiber-rich foods offer the benefits of fighting viruses and infections that could weaken the immunity levels of the body. The fiber-rich foods would replenish the body with minerals and vitamins to fight the pandemic.

Anti-inflammatory foods

You should include anti-inflammatory foods such as tomatoes, turmeric, fish oil, olive oil, walnuts, ginger, Omega-3 foods, and blueberries. Anti-inflammatory foods would help you enhance your immunity and prevent different diseases.

Ginseng Tea

Enriched in antioxidants, the Ginseng Tea would protect the body against various kinds of ailments and flu. Antioxidants would provide a healthy and natural remedy to fight against infections and antibodies. With purifying and detoxifying properties, Ginseng Tea would boost your energy levels along with strengthening the immunity in the best possible manner.


Do not be surprised, as sleep is a great way to boost your immunity levels. You should take adequate sleep to boost your immunity. It would be pertinent to have adequate sleep for improving resilience, reducing stress hormones, and lowering the adrenal rush. These benefits of sleeping would help you improve your immunity.