The European Union includes 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. There were 28, but Great Britain left the EU.

Carry out the procedure under the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks in a number of European states.  By the way, the registration of a trademark under the Madrid Protocol will allow the applicant to apply with one Application not only to European states, but also to the USA or Japan. And this is possible both with simultaneous extension to the entire European Union, and / or individual EU countries to which the Applicant is required.

Register directly the Community Trade Mark (CTM), i.e. the “European Trade Mark
The history of the CTM began on December 20, 1993. A new system of trademark protection at the European level was created, which got its name – Community trade mark (Community trade mark, CTM). Community Trade Mark gives its owner a single legal protection in the territory of all countries of the European Community.


There are 27 Member States in the European Union;
The European Union represents 450 million of the wealthiest consumers.
Euro is characterized by stability and a high exchange rate.
Ukrainian producers have already entered the EU market.
Advantages of EU trademark registration:

Unitary and exclusive protection of TM.
Single procedure for registration of CTM in all countries.
EU trademarks will be protected in all EU countries by single registration.
Simplified formalities:
– A single Application form;
– A single administrative center for registration;
– A single document confirming the right to TM.
– Simplified procedure of documents submission.
Reduced costs.

Absence of necessity for national registration.
As a trademark of the European Community trademarks can be registered and nowhere registered TM.
Your company can register as many EU trademarks as it wants.

What can be registered as an EU trademark. An EU trademark must meet two conditions:

Be able to be represented graphically;
Be able to distinguish the goods and services of one company from those of another.

Registration of an EU trademark is based on a single application, made in one language (Spanish, German, English, French or Italian) and paid with a single fee.
An EU trademark can be:

– words;
– names and surnames;
– Signatures (ex-libris) and symbols;
– letters, numbers (numbers);
– acronyms (abbreviations);
– slogans (slogans);
– combinations of: signatures (exlibris), numbers (numbers), fonts, signs, emblems (graphic symbols); advertising slogans (slogans)
– sketches, drawings, patterns, figures and pictograms;
– portraits of people;
– labels, tags, labels, stickers, tags, stamps;
– three-dimensional trademarks (external shape of goods) or packaging;
– colors or combinations of colors;
– sounds, in their specific musical sound.

Designations cannot be registered as a Community trademark:

Which have no distinctiveness, i.e. indicating the kind, quality, quantity, purpose, value, place and time of origin of the goods or services.

Which consist solely of signs or indications which have become generally accepted terms.

Nor will marks be registered that represent the form of the goods or their packaging, which is determined by

The nature of the goods, the need to achieve a technical result, the essential value of the goods.

Marks that are contrary to public policy, morality, misleading to the public, etc. will also not be registered.
Also, no marks will be registered if they represent a form of goods or their packaging, which is determined by the nature of the goods, the need to achieve a technical result, the essential value of goods, as well as those that are contrary to public order, to the principles of morality mislead the public, etc.

There are also restrictions on registration as trademarks of designations relating to the shape of goods, indications of the place of origin of alcoholic beverages, official emblems


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