Global vending machines markets could hit 146.6 billion by 2027. Vending machine services remain a popular investment opportunity for people worldwide. If you want to pursue this opportunity, keep reading.

This guide will teach you essential factors to consider before buying a vending machine. Some people will buy an existing vending machine business or become a franchisee.

Read the tips below to learn how to start a vending business plan.

1. Find a Vending Machine Business for Sale

Some people get into the vending machine business because they buy an existing company.

It’s an easier way to fast-track into the current industry. Aspiring or new business owners will get a secure revenue stream and customers.

It’s essential to research the business beforehand, however. Why does the owner want to sell the vending machine business? Are there any deal-breakers? You should inspect the machines and make sure they work fine.

Review existing contracts and vendors. Study the financial reports. What’s the vending market like? 

2. Buy a Franchise

Another way into the vending machine business is to buy a franchise. Franchise opportunities remain popular for several reasons.

People buy an established and successful business model. They can get a vending machine franchise with operational and admin already set in place.

The franchise costs and support will vary. There’s usually an upfront fee to buy into the franchise opportunity. The franchisor will take a percent of the profits or charge a monthly fee to the franchisee.

You should read the agreement carefully. Make sure there aren’t any unreasonable restrictions.

Do you understand the responsibilities involved with operating the franchise unit? Are there specific rules? Does the franchisor ask that you create a legal business entity?

Read reviews online like Healthy You Vending reviews. Spend time researching the franchise opportunity. Do other owners enjoy working with the franchisor?

Reading reviews from owners will help you understand more about the business. You’ll find out if it’s a profitable venture or if you should choose a different franchise.

3. You Could Begin a Brand New Vending Machine Business

This option will involve tons of work, but it will give you more freedom. You can start from scratch and source the machines and locations.

What will you sell? Make sure there’s a large audience who wants your product or services.

Do industry and market research. You can learn about the potential market and determine what you will sell. Develop a thorough vending machine business plan. 

Certain products will perform better in some areas. Others will only remain appealing to people with certain interests or preferences.

Water, soda, coffee, and snacks could sell well. Sandwiches or salads will remain attractive to people in colleges or offices.

You should keep in mind that drinks and food have an expiration date. If you sell perishable items, remember to match order volume with what you sell.

Consider non-food items. You could sell OTC pain meds. Some people sell laundry detergent, skin care products, hair products, or dog treats. You could also sell pens, pencils, or notebooks.

If you want a reliable product source, think about each unit’s price. You might get a chance to negotiate bulk discounts.

It’s not always the high-priced items that will give you the best return. Usually, these items will have high overhead costs.

4. What Vending Machine Features Do You Seek?

After figuring out what you will sell, think about what features you need for your vending machine.

Will you accept debit or credit payments? Will you have voice-activated or interactive touch screens? What about LED lighting?

Will you have food and drink in the vending machine? You might want to invest in software to monitor the stock levels in your machine. Think about what features you’ll want for your business.

5. Where Will You Lease or Buy the Machines?

You can buy from wholesalers, manufacturers, Craigslist, Amazon, online sellers, and eBay.

To lower the costs, buy used vending machines or lease some machines. Make sure you research the seller and speak to previous clients. You want to buy from a reputable source. 

6. Where’s Your Location?

Like retail business endeavors, the area will affect sales. Locations should be a solid match for the product you hope to sell. A place with lots of foot traffic will give you plenty of opportunities.

You might want to sell in apartment buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, or laundromats. You could also sell in grocery stores, malls, hotels, or motels. Some people sell in airports, buses, or train stations.

There are ADA compliance standards that you’ll need to follow. These must be followed when you place the vending machines in particular areas.

Think about how safe the products are. Locations prone to vandalism or theft will cost you your money and time. Choose an area that will reach your target audience.

7. What’s Your Business Name?

What will you name your business? The business name will be one of the greatest brand assets to set your business apart from its competition.

Complete a corporate name search. Find out what other vending machine companies in your state are called. After picking a business name, you should ensure it’s not taken.

Start Planning Your Vending Machine Business

Get started on planning your vending machine business today. Think about a unique business name. Choose appropriate products for the area, and get the right features.

You could lease a vending machine, buy one, or buy an existing business.
Look at selling products that people will love.

If you need more business tips, check out the rest of the blog resources today.