Many people have mirrors hanging in their homes, particularly their bathrooms, that are plain and unframed. Adding a frame to the mirror can instantly change up the look of the mirror. A black framed mirror can drastically enhance the look of the mirror, change up the entire look of the space and add more color and contrast in the bathroom. Here are a few of the key reasons why you should consider adding a frame around an existing mirror.

The Frame Can Help to Hide Decay or Imperfections

One of the reasons why you should consider adding a frame around an unframed mirror is because a frame can help to hide decay or imperfections. As your mirror ages, the edges can crumble or begin to crack. If you are not ready to replace the mirror completely, adding a frame around the mirror can help to hide and disguise those imperfections. The thicker the frame is, the more damage it will cover. This can help to extend the life of an older mirror.

A Frame Makes the Mirror Look High-End and More Expensive

Another reason to consider adding a frame around an unframed mirror is because a frame makes a mirror look more high-end and more expensive. If you are looking to sell your home or get your home appraised, adding frames around your mirrors is relatively inexpensive, yet can instantly boost the value of the space. The frame can also help you to make your space feel more high-end and luxurious. Think about a luxurious bathroom or take a look at high-end bathrooms. None of those bathrooms have unfinished mirrors. Small touches such as frames can elevate a standard bathroom into one that is luxurious.

A Frame Can Tie Your Space Together

The final reason why you should consider framing an unframed mirror is because the frame can help to tie your space together. If you use the same wood material that your cabinets are made from, it can create a custom look and help to ensure the vanity or cabinetry ties into the mirror. It can make the space feel more cohesive and ensure all of the various parts in your bathroom work well together and tie into each other. This makes your space feel complete, rather than making your space feel like separate pieces.

If you have an unframed mirror, adding a frame can help to hide decay or imperfections, make the mirror look more high-end or expensive or tie your entire space together, helping it to look more cohesive. A black framed mirror contrasts beautifully against a white or light-colored wall, really allowing the mirror to pop and shine. Consider adding a frame around your plain mirror today.