It is no secret that imports & exports are subject to stringent regulations and compliance requirements. If you want to import goods into the US with the intention of commercial business, you have to adhere to the norms and rules of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to get your shipments cleared. Instead of dealing with these complicated requirements, consider working with customs brokers like Clearit USA Amazon customs brokerage, to make things simpler. When you engage a customs broker, think of this as a collaboration, as they can be instrumental in how you manage your imports. In this post, we are sharing some of the top facts worth knowing about customs brokers. 

  1. How long does it take to clear shipment with CBP?

Today, customs brokers in the US have automated systems, which ease the whole process of clearance for clients. As long as the documentation is done right, you can expect to process your shipment from the customs department in just 30 minutes, while for some of the complex entries, the time required can be much longer. 

  1. Is it mandatory to hire a customs broker?

No, it is not compulsory for importers to hire a customs broker, but most business do prefer to work with one. This is primarily because customs broker can simplify the whole process of getting shipments cleared, and they don’t need to have a physical office at the concerned port or point of entry. You must sign a power of attorney for the customs broker to work on behalf of your business. 

  1. How can customs brokers help importers?

International trade agreements change every now and then, and it is next to impossible for an average small importer to keep up with these norms, regulations, and changes. The role of a customs broker is not limited to merely clearing shipments – They also help clients in understanding the complications of importing, how tariff codes are applied, and when to ask for a refund. If there is an audit, they can help with that, as well. Many customs brokers also double up as consultants and ensure that clients have all the support they need to ease importing. 

Final word

You can check online for customs brokers in the US, and many of them have experience of more than three decades, so you can rely on their expertise and ability to help your business. Review their work profile to know their services better.