If you have suffered an injury because of someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation under personal injury law. Various kinds of accidents and mishaps are covered under personal injury, including all types of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, premise liability, and even workers’ compensation. The first step is to seek medical help, following which you need to find a Bayonne personal injury attorney at the earliest. In New Jersey, you have two years to file for compensation, but you should start as early as possible.

Finding the right law firm

The right personal injury attorney can make a big difference to your case. The compensation amount doesn’t really just focus on medical bills, but if you have been out of work and have suffered mental trauma, those factors will be included too. The nature of injury, expected time of recovery, and impact of the accident in the long run, are aspects that your personal injury attorney will consider before filing a claim. Find a law firm that you can trust and make sure that the assigned attorney has the necessary experience and expertise to handle your claim. 

Ask questions

As the client, you have every right to ask questions related to your case. You can have queries like – 

  1. What are the possible outcomes from the case?
  2. What’s the personal injury case worth?
  3. Who will take the charge of investigation and paperwork?
  4. Can you share a few client references?
  5. Will you be around to take up my questions and offer help on other aspects?

These are some basic questions that you must ask, but remember that your personal injury attorney will work in your best interests, because they eventually make their fee through the compensation. Check for known attorneys in Bayonne and meet one in person to discuss things further.